The 8(a) Authority


We will not accept you as a client for our certification services unless we are 100% plus certain that you qualify for the certification service for which you desire to apply. We shall pre-qualify you up front, before you invest a penny with us, AT NO COST TO YOU, and even if we find you to be 100% qualified, you do not owe us a penny and you ALONE are free to proceed or not to proceed. This is how simple the pre-qualification is:

  • We hold a 10-15 minute interview with you. If we find that you appear to be qualified to proceed, we offer to provide you with a “non-binding” Services Agreement and also request that you answer the YES/NO questions on the SBA Form 1010 and have all owners and officers of your firm answer the YES/NO questions on the SBA Form 1010 IND.
  • You sign the “non-binding” Services Agreement, answer the YES/NO question on the above SBA Forms and return this information to us via the Internet. Completing these forms should take you no more than 10 minutes for each form.
  • We exam your responses to the questions on the above forms, conduct independent research to discover any former arrests, judgments, liens or law suits involving the owners and officers that you have identified. Completing this research takes us less than one day.
  • We then call you, discuss each of the YES responses on the above SBA Forms and the results of our background checks. If we find that you can adequately address each of the YES responses or the items of interest discovered in your background check and we discover NO disqualifying factors. We advise you that we are willing to accept you as a qualified client of our firm. If we discover a disqualifying factor that cannot be resolved at this time, we shall not accept you as our client.
  • You are requested to proceed, if you are found qualified and the decision to proceed is YOURS ALONE. Again, there is no cost to YOU for having us conduct the above qualification, and you are not required to proceed further with the application process.
  • If you decide to proceed with us, then and only then do we process your payment for our services as previously defined in the associated Services Agreement.